47° North Foods

Like the trees and people who produce it, our maple syrup is honest and genuine. We don’t add anything to it that wasn’t in the sap dripping from our trees – no sweeteners, no colours, no flavours. Just pure Canadian sweetness. Experience the difference of estate bottled Organic Maple Syrup.

Why Choose Us?

47° North produces premium, organic and all-natural maple products at our farm in New Brunswick, Canada. Operating an organic maple farm is a carefully and skillfully managed system of sustaining the natural state and health of the forests we harvest. With little interruption to the ecosystem whilst prohibiting the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizes, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms. We are dedicated to providing our customers with all-natural organic products of exceptional quality, made with the greatest respect for tradition.

Pure, Untouched, and Natural.

Find our premium specially crafted maple products as a retailer near you

Please note some retailers only carry a certain selection of our products and/or may be out of stock of some items. We encourage you to call the retailer to make sure they have the products you are looking for. Give us a call; 47° North would be happy to guide you to the correct retailer to make your shopping experience easier. 


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